Aarogyam 1.1

The Aarogyam 1.1 consists of a wide variety of tests and the results can tell you about your overall health.

Tests Covered – 35

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Important Guidelines For Health Checkup:-
• 10-12 hours of fasting is required with only water permitted.
• Only Blood sample required.
• Do not consume Alcohol before the test.

This package covers: Thyroid profile (3) : Triiodothyronine (T3), Total thyroxine (T4), Thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH)
Iron Deficiency (3): Total iron binding capacity (tibc), Serum iron, %Transferring saturation
Liver Profile (11): Alkaline, Phosphatase, Bilirubin – total, Bilirubin -Direct, Bilirubin -Indirect, Gamma Glutamyl Transferase (GGT), Protein – Total, Albumin – Serum, Serum Globulin, SGOT (ast), SGPT(alt), Serum Albumin /Serum Globulin Ratio
Lipid profile (8): TOTAL CHOLESTEROL, HDL CHOLESTEROL , LDL CHOLESTEROL , TRIGLYCERIDES, NON-HDL Cholesterol, VLDL Cholesterol, LDL/HDL ratio, TC/HDL Cholesterol Ratio
Kidney Profile(5): Calcium, Uric acid, Blood Urea Nitrogen, Serum Creatinine, BUN/Serum Creatinie Ratio
Cardiac Risk Markers (5) Lipoprotein(a) Lipoprotein(a): Apolipoprotein-A1, APOLIPOPROTEIN – B (APO-B), C-REACTIVE PROTEIN (CRP), Apo B/Apo A1 Ratio

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