About Us

Health is wealth is an age-old saying. Almost every individual realizes and appreciates the importance of this proverb. But, the irony is the majority of the people have professional wealth advisors rather health advisors. Ez Health’s motto is to prevent disease and promote good health by sensitizing and advising every Ez Health member. We offer preventive health check-ups and chronic healthcare management services to our members based on their demographics, family health history, and individual interests.

While we understand every individual’s preventive care requirements are different, we also equally understand every local diagnostic lab’s capabilities, expertise, and offers are different. Here come our innovation and advanced technology’s importance. Now, with Ez Health any diagnostic lab can offer its own health packages, lab tests, discounts, and coupons in their area. An individual living in that area can avail such services by directly visiting the specific diagnostic lab’s webpage.

Three simple steps –

  1. Any individual can become a free Ez Health club member by placing an online lab order. After getting the login details, that member can update his or her profile including brief health history, preventive care and chronic care requirements.
  2. Any diagnostic lab or other health facilities can publish their lab tests, health packages, offers including period discounts and promotional offers.
  3. Our automated chatbots, IVR services, text messaging services along with dedicated customer support team ensure the right reach for preventive health checkups and health packages.