Partner Terms

Do you have a Diagnostic Lab?  –  Click here to join as a partner


  • You can update your lab tests and health packages at anytime
  • You can offer your own discounts, coupons, and other benefits
  • You can chat online with your prospective customers directly
  • You get two mobile apps – one for you, another for your phlebotomist
  • Get secure payments online or can have ‘cash payments’ during collection
  • Opt either home collection services or at your lab services
  • If you don’t have facilities at your place,  courier the sample to other Ez Health partnering lab
  • Location identification, open/close details,  phlebotomists scheduling <etc. should come>

How it works:

  1. Register your lab details here
  2. We will call you to verify your authenticity, and you have to share your lab registration documents and your lab photo through WhatsApp
  3. We will create an exclusive lab webpage for you in our EzHealth portal and our lab setup team will help you to update your tests’ listing.  Also help you to offer discounts and coupon codes if you want to give any. 
  4. Customers come to your page through SEO optimization or through featured marketing or through any other mean and order lab tests by giving the relevant details, including sample collection at home options.
  5. Immediately after lab test booking, you get an alert on your Ez Health mobile app along with details.  Your customer also gets the SMS notification from ‘Ez Health’ on order confirmation.
  6. You can plan to send Phlebotomist by appropriately coordinating with the customer.
  7. Phlebotomist can update the collected sample details through his or her Ez Health app.  Immediately you get an alert on ‘sample collection’ status.
  8. You can test the specimen and upload the report to your lab portal.  Optionally, you can share as print-out or through email.
  9. Customer can access the lab report at any time by logging in to his or her account by clicking ‘My Account’ option of Ez Health.
  10. If the payment is collected online, Ez Health will transfer the amount to your account within two days after receipt of the money.

Membership fee:

  • Ez Health membership is free for all the labs.  We charge nominal transaction fee for every order that you get through Ez Health.  No orders – no fee.
  • Ez Health Star membership is Rs 1,000 per month or Rs 10,000 per annum if subscribed for one year.  This star membership gives several inputs for your business growth including the poplar tests,  flexi lab promotional benefits etc.